Dairy Company Brand Guidelines

This was my favourite project from my early days in elearning. The Dairy Company was releasing a new logo and set of guidelines for using their branding, and our mission was to introduce them and ensure the company staff could use it properly. I was working in a small team – just me on instructional design, a graphic designer, and a senior developer who was able to follow my specs and all my ideas come to life in Flash. This “String thing” was a particular favourite of mine. The project had a fast turnaround, and the client was very happy with the result.

You can try the course out here (you’ll need to allow your browser to use Flash)

I’ve also recreated a partial storyboard for the course here.

I’ve also been progressively recreating some of the activities in Storyline. You can see a matching activity here, and a tangible and intangible drop-down thing here.

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