Wellbeing Bingo Game

A bingo game I put together from scratch using Articulate Storyline 360, based on the New Zealand Mental Health Foundation’s Five Ways to Wellbeing Toolkit.

My motivation for doing so was a competition that Bloom Learning Technologies is running for the International Day of Happiness. I’m always up to Use My Powers For Good. If you like this one you can go vote for my entry here.

As a game for an individual to complete, it doesn’t have anyone calling out the squares. The learner can complete four squares in a row, or continue to fill in the entire board as an “extra for experts.” I’m pretty chuffed with how this worked out.

Each square has two states, the second of which grabs the variable text from the input text box. There’s a variable for having completed your first BINGO line, after which it just shows lines across the completed row/column, but doesn’t pop up the congratulations again until you’ve finished the entire board. The confetti animation at the end (spoiler!) was made by Jerson from the Articulate Storyline forums, and helpfully was the absolutely correct colour scheme for my project.

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