Drag’n’drop Dress-ups with Rod Stewart

When Rod Stewart’s tweet appeared on my timeline I couldn’t resist dropping everything to make an interactive version of these paper dolls  in Articulate Storyline.

Come on baby, let it show

Dragging a costume onto Mr Stewart switches to a new state of his image, wearing that particular stunning outfit. It also hides the outfit you dropped.

So far I haven’t worked out a way to bump the previously-worn out fit back off him, and as far as I can tell it’s a limitation of the software. What I wanted to do was send the costume that had just been replaced back to its original position, and make it visible and draggable again.

I had another try and got this working, using a variable for the current outfit, and triggers to show the previous outfit and make it follow a motion path back to the other side of the screen.

The Undie Of Resetting which resets the whole slide can now appear at all times.

The dolls are from a Swedish magazine called Året Runt (meaning All Year Around in English) which is a weekly women’s and family magazine published in Malmö, Sweden. The paper dolls that used to be included are a nostalgic favourite for many fans!

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